Psychological trauma resulting from car accidents

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The symptoms that occur as a result of emotional trauma after a car accident often interfere with victims’ abilities to care for themselves, perform at work or school, or provide support to their families. Traumatised people frequently need therapy to help them work through the psychological issues they experience. Personal injury lawyers may be able to advise victims who are suffering from this type of trauma seek compensation for damages.

How our law firm can help car crash victims in Toronto

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Our team of experienced lawyers is fully aware that a car accident can lead to many difficulties for those involved. Some of those problems include insurance companies who may try to avoid paying for a car accident victim’s damages, and some law firms who might rashly claim that they can obtain a certain sum for their clients even before they know the details of the case.

Rear-End Collisions Clarified

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A recent decision by the Court of Appeal for Ontario has clarified an important aspect of the law that could affect many Ontario motorists involved in car accidents. In a rear-end car accident, the court has confirmed that the onus is on the driver who has crashed his vehicle into the vehicle ahead to prove that he could not have avoided the accident by the exercise of reasonable care, even in an emergency situation.

We can help you pursue a claim of negligence

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Ontario laws concerning negligence in personal injury cases consider that people have a “duty of care” to make sure that they do nothing to expose others to unreasonable harmful risks. When they fail to exercise that duty of care, they could be legally liable for negligence.

Could playing games like Tetris help with PTSD?

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Following a motor vehicle accident, individuals involved could suffer serious injuries. While those injuries are sometimes physical, they can be psychological as well. In many situations before too long the physical injuries heal with little or no side effects. The same cannot always be said of psychological injuries however.

Ontario drivers face new driving laws, penalties

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There are many reasons that car accidents occur in Toronto and throughout the province of Ontario. To try to reduce the number of car crashes that happen in the province, earlier this summer the legislature passed changes to laws that affect the financial consequences for some illegal driving behaviours.