Pedestrian And Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A pedestrian accident or bicyclist accident can leave you with even more serious injuries than a car accident. Although the speeds may be lower, your body has no protection against a large, heavy moving object. You may need money for income replacement, caregivers for yourself and your family, medical care, and rehabilitation.

Many pedestrians or bicyclists believe they have no hope of compensation, especially if they were struck by a vehicle that sped away without being identified, were crossing a street not at a crosswalk, or were inebriated.

Special Rules For Pedestrians And Bicyclists

At Azevedo & Nelson, our bicycle and pedestrian accident lawyers for Toronto and surrounding areas can explain various rules of the road and insurance that you may not know. For example:

  • If a car hits a pedestrian, it’s the driver’s responsibility to prove he or she was not negligent
  • If you have your own insurance, you can make a claim and get money for various expenses like hospital time and rehabilitation, even if you are fully at fault
  • If you are the victim of a distracted driving accident or are otherwise not at fault, you can make a claim for damages as well
  • If the driver is unidentified or uninsured , your own automobile insurance company – if you also own a car – can act as if it was the insurance company of the uninsured or unidentified driver, and pay those damages, subject to some limitations
  • If you have no insurance and the driver is unidentified or uninsured, the Motor Vehicles Act & Claims Fund Ontario, created by the Ontario government, can provide some compensation

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