When we deal with disability benefits claims, rather than going after another party or their insurance company, we represent you in a dispute against your own insurance company to make sure that it lives up to the terms of your contract.

You pay insurance so that your company will help take care of you when you need them to. If you become disabled through illness or accident, and your insurance company refuses to honour its side of the agreement, their refusal to help you can be devastating at a time when you can least afford it, emotionally or financially.

To prove your case and get you the benefits you deserve, we will need to examine the wording of your contract carefully and determine whether your disability qualifies. Different contracts can have very different terms when it comes to your disability.

Reasons for denial may include:

  • Lack of coverage for your particular injury or disability
  • Allegations that your injury is not as serious as you say it is
  • Evidence that you could work if you wanted to, or that you have turned down work
  • Errors in paperwork, including missed deadlines

Disability Insurance Claims Lawyer

Many people are denied benefits under CPP Disability the first time they try to apply for disability depression. Unfortunately, many of them don’t have a clear idea of what they are entitled to and how to prove their entitlement through evidence and proper documentation. So, where should you turn to? To a disability insurance claims lawyer!

The rules and regulations governing CPP disability claims can be complicated and confusing, especially at a time when you probably have many difficult tasks to do as you adjust to disability.

If your CPP claim is denied, our disability insurance claims lawyer can help you with CPP disability benefits appeals, properly documenting and presenting your claim so that CPP will accept it. All CPP claims are made on a combined retainer/contingency fee arrangement. To date, we have not lost a single appeal that we have taken on.

Why Contact Azevedo & Nelson CPP Disability Lawyer Team?

We can be of help in many ways, and each time we do, we deploy extensive experience and knowledge in handling every claim or CPP appeal. We bring decades of specialized experience to your case, put up the representation you need and ensure that you get the right amount of CPP disability benefits you deserve. You can contact us;

  • Wish to appeal after a CPP disability benefits denial due to any reason.
  • Wish to understand the process to apply for disability depression benefits.

Or any other concern

Usually, the process of applying for CPP disability benefits is quite demanding, and when your disability benefits request is rejected, it’s a different story. If you’re out of options or need a better CPP disability lawyer to work with, please reach out to Azevedo & Nelson.

We Never Give Up Until Satisfied

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