Do you have a dispute that arose from property acquisition or its sale?

Over time, the field of commercial and corporate litigation has evolved. Commercial or business litigation is an area of practice that focuses on handling disputes originating from business relationships and the people involved, like shareholders.

Commercial litigation is a vast practice area and extends to real estate. Commonly, legal practitioners specialize in a particular practice.


Commercial/ Estate Litigation Lawyers Toronto

Any dispute related to your business, workplace, shareholders, or business partners is categorized under commercial litigation.  Many of these disputes are expensive, require extensive knowledge, and can even take several years to get resolved.

Whichever your circumstance, our commercial litigation law firm provides industry’s best litigation services to all sizes of businesses with a keen focus on construction companies. However, we also have a thriving practice with cases involving real estate, breach of contract, collections, lease disputes other commercial issues.

We have experience in real estate litigation, and as an established real estate law firm, we can help in many ways. You can consult us for real estate easements, landlord-tenant issues, boundary disputes etc. We can also help you eliminate the need for litigation,

Our lawyers represent a variety of clients, including:

  • Builders
  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Material suppliers
  • Apartment owners and other rental property owners in landlord-tenant disputes
  • Creditors in collections cases
  • Partners in partnership disputes
  • Business owners in breach of contract disputes
  • Our lawyers have appeared before all levels of Ontario courts.

Getting Our Clients Back To Business

Our Toronto business litigation lawyers understand that in business litigation, the focus must be on minimizing your losses and getting you back to normal operation as soon as possible. Many of our cases involve time-sensitive matters. Others are those in which parties must somehow work together or settle their disputes in a way that won’t harm them both irreparably.

Different disputes, and different clients, require different approaches. Some may require a great deal of negotiation and mediation to salvage long-standing business relationships; others require quick relief and simple transactions to recover losses. For much of our construction-related litigation, we rely heavily on construction liens.

Why Azevedo & Nelson for Commercial Litigation?

If your business or company needs a commercial litigation lawyer, please feel free to contact Azevedo & Nelson. We are among the most competent and reliable litigation law firms in Toronto you can trust to help you litigate or resolve any business dispute in a timely manner.

We have special experience in the area of construction, helping construction companies get back to work and resolve issues of building liens that can entangle and halt an ongoing project.

Similarly, our estate litigation lawyers in Toronto can handle any property dispute, whether infringement or related to the sale of a property. Our business lawyers strive to resolve each case efficiently and to our client’s advantage.

Don’t waste more time with any unsettled business lawsuit. Contact us to fight for you in and out of court and resolve the dispute before it becomes costly.

We Never Give Up Until Satisfied

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