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How can I overcome my driving anxiety after a car accident?

How can I overcome my driving anxiety after a car accident?

After a collision, frequently drivers who have never before had concerns will suddenly find themselves experiencing driving anxiety. While this phenomenon is perfectly normal, it can be a real impediment to daily activities.

The reasons vary, but it’s common for accident victims to fear having another collision that will further injure themselves or others. Drivers may also be afraid of suffering a full-blown panic attack behind the wheel.

Below are some suggestions to help get over the psychological trauma stemming from an accident:

— Practicing self-love. Being good to oneself, eating well, getting sufficient rest and exercise, as well as socializing with friends and family are easy steps to take to repair a traumatised psyche.

— Psychotherapy. This is generally thought of as the most effective way to beat lingering anxiety related to a prior collision. Two types are available — cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure and response prevention. The first uses relaxation techniques and realistic thinking to get over the fears, while the latter forces patients to face their fears head-on. ERP therapy will require anxiety sufferers to get back behind the wheel in graduated steps until they overcome their anxiety.

— Take a driving course. Seeking instruction from a certified driving trainer can boost confidence and equip nervous drivers with the skills they need to drive defensively once again.

— Medication. Anti-anxiety medication can be prescribed for short term use by one’s physician to get them over the most critical period of their anxiety.

Remember that anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder are real conditions that can affect the quality of one’s life. If a lawsuit is filed after a collision, make sure that these conditions are well-documented in medical records.

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