When you buy insurance, to a certain extent you are buying peace of mind. If your insurance company refuses to cover your losses when you need them to, you are not only losing money from your current difficulty: you are being denied the very peace of mind that you paid for.

If your home is affected by fire, flood or other damage, it can be emotionally devastating. You may not have the energy to deal with insurance litigation problems on top of the practical issues of finding a place to live, caring for your family and replacing your possessions.

If your business is affected, it’s not only a matter of comfort; you may be losing money for every day that you are unable to make repairs  and reopen your business.

Azevedo & Nelson can help you make sure that your insurance company does what it is supposed to do, when you need it to.


Standing Up To Insurance Companies

Our Toronto insurance litigation lawyers can help you with a variety of disputes over coverage or claims. There may be many different reasons for an insurance claim dispute:

  • The language of the policy may be ambiguous
  • A claim may be covered by two different companies, neither of whom is willing to pay
  • The company may not believe that the damage occurred as you say it did
  • The company may not believe that the damage was as extensive as you say it is
  • The company may be guilty of bad faith, if they believe your claim, but accuse you of lying or pressure you to accept lower damages than you deserve, knowing you probably can’t fight them
  • You may have inadequate coverage

We Never Give Up Until Satisfied

Long-term Disability Insurance, Insurers & Denied Disability Benefits

Our work is crucial to our ability to forge a good life for you. If we want a family, a car, or a house, gainful employment is vital. Of course, one of the biggest risks in life is when we get sick, have an accident, and cannot work. What happens then? It is always a ...
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What to do after a Car Accident

**Warning** If you are hurt and your life is in danger, or you are at risk of further injury or complication, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. You should not be thinking about anything else. If your injuries do not require immediate medical attention, and you are able, the following are ...
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Internet Privacy and You

Very rarely in law do we see a judge create a new category of claims–in legal terms it’s historic. But that is just what an Ontario judge has done. He awarded damages to a person whose privacy was violated. The case was about a young woman attending university who was pressured by her ex-boyfriend to ...
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