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Many motor vehicle accident victims want to know, right away, exactly how much they’re likely to get for their injury. Other car injury law firms or lawyers may make promises right away, whether they can live up to them or not. As a professional Motor Vehicle Accident Law Firm, our auto accident lawyer in Toronto prefers to know more about your situation before giving you any figures.

If you have been injured in a car accident, your settlement will depend on several factors, including:

  • The extent of your injuries
  • The physical details of the accident and whether it’s a T-bone crash, rear-end, sideswipe or head-on collision
  • How long it takes you to recover, which is often related to your age and health before the accident
  • Your personal life situation, employability and finances before the accident
  • Your history with the type of injury you have suffered (for example, a history of back problems before your accident-related back injury may result in a higher award)
  • The amount of documentation and proof you have regarding your accident, injuries, recovery and the effects on your life
  • How much fault can be attributed to each party in the accident

Auto/Car Accident Lawyer Toronto, Ontario

Our Toronto motor vehicle accident lawyers will ask you questions about your particular accident and explain the law as it relates to your case. We will give you all the information we can, as soon as our car accident lawyer in Ontario will have it.

For example, our car accident lawyer in Oakville or Hamilton will discuss pain and suffering awards, which are almost impossible to get unless you have a permanent and serious impairment. If you have a soft tissue injury or psychological difficulties such as PTSD, depression and anxiety, we will talk about how long it may take for the full extent of your symptoms to be clear. If there are issues of liability in your traffic accident — for example, if your own insurance company or other car accident law firms has declared you to be partially at fault, or you have been charged — we will discuss how you may still have a claim even if you are partially liable.

Our Ontario Accident Lawyer will also discuss what will happen if the other driver involved in your accident is unidentified or uninsured and explain how your own insurance company will act as if it was the insurance company of the other driver and pay damages subject to some limitations.

We will only start to give you possible ranges once our auto accident lawyer in Toronto evaluate the extent of your injury and the details of your case.


If you need a Car Accident Lawyer in Hamilton or Oakville, feel free to contact Azevedo & Nelson because we’ve got the experience it requires to run down every auto accident case profitably. When approached, our vehicle accident lawyers will embark on investigations to obtain testimonies and document your claim timely.

You can also count on motor vehicle accident lawyers if you have a denied motor vehicle accident claim you wish to reopen. Whether you or your loved one is involved in a car accident, please quickly get in touch with our Ontario car accident lawyer for legal assistance.

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