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How our law firm can help car crash victims in Toronto

How our law firm can help car crash victims in Toronto

Our team of experienced lawyers is fully aware that a car accident can lead to many difficulties for those involved. Some of those problems include insurance companies who may try to avoid paying for a car accident victim’s damages, and some law firms who might rashly claim that they can obtain a certain sum for their clients even before they know the details of the case.

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim after you have been injured in a car crash, our lawyers at Azevedo and Nelson may be able to help you determine what you can truly expect for your damages based on a careful analysis of your case.

At our firm, we could help you by trying to understand the full scope of your injuries including any documented proof of your injury-related expenses, the impact that your injuries have on your life and your recovery period. We may also try to understand the circumstances surrounding the accident, which includes the type of crash that happened and the extent of each party’s liability. Moreover, our firm takes into account our client’s personal life, career and finances prior to the auto crash.

If you are suffering with emotional affects from the accident, including post-traumatic stress disorder, our lawyers may be able to determine if you are eligible for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. Even if you were charged in the crash, your insurance company stated you were partially to blame, or the other driver was uninsured or unidentified, you could still file a personal injury claim.

At Azevedo and Nelson, we use our knowledge and experience in helping injured victims of auto accidents pursue the compensation they deserve. If you would like additional information about what to do following an auto injury, please see our page on motor vehicle accidents.

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