Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers

Finding and choosing a Toronto personal injury lawyer if you have been in an accident can be challenging. Which personal injury lawyer should you choose? Why? There are always many factors to consider. It is probably best if a past client has made a positive referral. Of course past performance by a personal injury lawyer is no guarantee of future success – but it’s a good start.

Experience is also very important. How long has the lawyer been practicing? Has the lawyer conducted any personal injury trials? Rarely does a claim proceed to trial but insurers need to know that your lawyer or law firm can walk the talk. And finally does your lawyer have good experience? Has your injury lawyer just handled easy cases where the injury can be proven by objective tests like CAT scans. Or has your personal injury lawyer demonstrated the willingness to take on the tough claims – the claims where the injuries are all subjective – like PTSD or chronic pain?

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