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Psychological trauma resulting from car accidents

Psychological trauma resulting from car accidents

Many people do not realise that emotional and psychological trauma may occur as a result of a car accident. Toronto residents who have been involved in car accidents may struggle with anxiety or other emotional problems that make it difficult to move on after the traumatic events that they experienced.

Any sudden event that occurs without warning can leave people feeling frightened of the loss of control in situations of immediate, extreme danger. Even car accidents that do not result in injuries may cause victims to struggle with anxiety, flashbacks, numbness or other upsetting emotions. They may feel constant helplessness even after a significant length of time passes. Though car wrecks end quickly, victims experience profound fear that can affect their everyday lives for months or even years after their accidents.

Some people are more likely than others to feel long-term emotional effects of a car accident. People who experience consistent stress in other areas of their personal or professional lives may be unable to recover from the shock that results from a sudden accident.

Psychological trauma following a car accident can cause distinct physical and emotional symptoms. People may experience panic attacks, fatigue, persistent muscle tension, aches and pains, difficulty sleeping and nightmares. Feelings of hopelessness, difficult concentrating, irritability, mood swings and social withdrawal are also common.

The symptoms that occur as a result of emotional trauma after a car accident often interfere with victims’ abilities to care for themselves, perform at work or school, or provide support to their families. Traumatised people frequently need therapy to help them work through the psychological issues they experience. Personal injury lawyers may be able to advise victims who are suffering from this type of trauma seek compensation for damages. Lawyers might be able to help victims quantify the extent of the losses and seek awards to cover those damages in court.

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