Financial problems can cause emotional distress, loss of self-worth and respect. A short-term disability ‘STD’ plan is a compensation package provided to employees who have suffered a physical, non-physical injury or impairment that renders them unable to work for a short period. Short-term disability benefits can help employees cover for  lost income, meet medical treatment costs, for 6 months and sometimes up to two years. If a company doesn’t have short term disability ‘STD’ coverage, an employee may be eligible for employment insurance sickness benefits.

Short Term Disability Lawyer Toronto

We are not only effective in pursuing long-term disability claims or providing the best legal representation to claimants, but we also proficiently handle short-term disability claims.

You don’t have to suffer a recognizable physical injury to be eligible for short-term benefits. No, short term disability coverage can also cover a psychological issue if it makes an employee unable to work.

During an application for short term disability benefits, a claimant must usually obtain a plan sponsor’s statement, which the employer completes. This document indicates the nature of your benefit plan, coverage, salaries, and any previously claimed benefits.

The claimant must also fill out a plan member’s statement, which provides information about the condition, i.e., when it started, your medical history, and an authorization for obtaining medical information from your physician or caregiver. (replaced the content). Another vital document is your physician’s statement. Your doctor must fill out this form confirming your medical problem, hospital visits, and treatment type. All these documents are then submitted to the concerned insurer.

Short Term Disability Claims Denial

A short term disability insurance claim process can be as quick as one week to learn whether your benefits application is approved or denied. If your short term disability benefits have been denied or wrongly terminated, it’s best to file a short term disability claim. Proving your eligibility and taking what you’re entitled to will also require you to hire a Short Term Disability Lawyer in Toronto or where you live.

Your lawyer will review the entire situation, gather evidence, and take on the matter professionally. At Azevedo & Nelson, we have experienced short term disability lawyers who can handle every magnitude of claim. Our professional lawyers understand what it means to suffer an injury and yet have to cater to your personal and family needs. As a top short-term disability law firm in Toronto, you can reliably entrust us with your interests, and we will make sure that you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

Our team is honest and ensures proper communication throughout your short disability claim process. We will assess your situation, provide necessary legal guidance and legally represent you fiercely. Regardless of the scale of your case, we are here for you! Please feel free consult Azevedo & Nelson, a dedicated and passionate personal injury law firm in Toronto.

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