Broken Bones, Scarring And Amputation Injuries

Scarring, disfigurement, amputation and broken bones from an accident can all have severe impacts on your life depending on the details of the injury as well as what your life was like before your accident.

In addition to losing time off work and needing to pay for child care, personal care and other expenses as you recover, you may also need to pay for rehabilitation therapy and psychiatric care, especially if you suffer from PTSD, depression and anxiety or chronic pain after your accident.

Determining Your Needs

When our lawyers assess the impact of your injuries on your life, we look at many factors:

  • Whether surgery is required or possible to fix what happened
  • Whether the injury results in disability
  • Your previous skills — for example, if you have a physical job or are an athlete, breaking a bone or losing a limb will be considerably more devastating emotionally and financially than perhaps the same injury for a math teacher
  • The amount of emotional damage, as disfigurement of the face can be more devastating than disfigurement of a different area of the body
  • The degree of pain and disability and long-term permanent effects, as a broken arm or broken leg may become stiff and arthritic and some scars may impair mobility or cause pain
  • The amount of future pain that may result from your injury, such as increased risk of arthritis and osteoporosis from broken bones
  • The amount of chronic pain resulting from your injuries
  • The degree of lessened mobility and ability to do what you used to do at work, home, or in your sports and hobbies

We Never Give Up Until Satisfied

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