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Tips for staying safe while snowmobiling this winter

Tips for staying safe while snowmobiling this winter

The winter season is one that some people who reside in Ontario look forward to. Those who ride snowmobiles may be part of that group. While many enjoy participating in this activity, at times it can be dangerous. Accordingly, snowmobilers should take certain precautions to stay safe while on trails.

The first is to wait until trails are ready before heading out. Hitting an exposed rock or bare earth while riding along can cause a rider to be thrown from his or her machine. This could result in serious injuries, including those to the brain.

Man snowmobiling with bright coloured snowmobile outfit and helmut to prevent a brain injury.
lariliikala via CC BY 2.0

Even before heading out, snowmobilers can prepare for the season. Regularly inspecting the machine and keeping it well maintained is paramount. Before heading out for the first time of the season, it is a good idea to have the snowmobile professionally serviced.

Under some circumstances following a snowmobile accident that results in injury, it may be possible for the person who was hurt to take legal action against parties responsible for the incident occurring. If, for example, a machine is defective, the party responsible for the defect might be held legally responsible. In other situations, if the property where people are riding is not properly maintained, leading to a serious accident, an occupier’s liability lawsuit may be appropriate.

If you have been hurt in a snowmobile accident a personal injury lawyer can help determine whether legal action makes sense.

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