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Brain injuries and PTSD

Brain injuries and PTSD

Brian injuries are undeniably a complex injury. In addition to sometimes being difficult to diagnose, because no two people are exactly the same, their recoveries can vary greatly. For some, post-traumatic stress disorder is a part of the aftermath. This is true regardless of how the traumatic brain injury is incurred.

PTSD can arise following any traumatic event. It manifests itself in multiple situations including when someone experiences high levels of anxiety in connection with the event, is trying to avoid thinking about the event or when they re-experience it.

The symptoms of PTSD are far reaching. While some people experience physical symptoms such as sweating, and a racing heart, many of the symptoms are emotional. For example, someone with PTSD could have a hard time experiencing love or happiness and no longer care about the activities they once deemed important.

These individuals might be concerned that danger is just around the corner or have a “flashback” during which they feel like the traumatic event is occurring again. Outbursts of anger and feelings of irritability are also indicative of PTSD.

Some of the symptoms of PTSD impact a person’s sleep. In some cases individuals have may have a hard time falling asleep. Others could find that they fall asleep initially, but then repeatedly wakeup. In still other situations, once asleep, those living with PTSD could experience recurrent nightmares.

In an effort to keep these episodes at bay, someone with PTSD could try to avoid conversations, feelings and thoughts about the event that triggered the PTSD. Dealing with PTSD is that much harder when it is the result of a TBI since the symptoms of each overlap.

While treatment—including medication and therapy—can help those living with PTSD deal with the condition, regardless of the injury or incident that prompts it, there is no question it can be life changing. It can also cause great financial expense. When the incident that leads to the condition is the fault of another party, it may be possible to recover financial damages. A personal injury lawyer can help determine whether this is a possibility.

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