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How long do CPP Disability Benefits last?

How long do CPP Disability Benefits last?

The final part in our 4-part CPP series.

The Canada Pension Plan pays out CPP disability benefits from the time you claim disability until age 65 or are no longer disabled–whichever comes first. At age 65 disability pensions are automatically converted into regular retirement pensions.

While receiving disability benefits, the CPP is entitled to review your case at any time. If it finds that you are no longer disabled or that you are able to work, even though you continue to have some disability, your benefits could be stopped. Your benefits would also stop if you returned to regular, gainful employment, which you’re required to report to the CPP.

Old man with a cane walking the street in Toronto to symbolize CPP benefits.
Photo by Joris Louwes via CC BY 2.0

Though regular, gainful employment will put an end to your benefits, many activities don’t affect your entitlement to them. You can engage in volunteer work or retraining programs, attend school, and even perform some paid work (up to $5,100 gross as of 2013). However, you must report any income you earn from employment and any successfully completed schooling or retraining. The CPP would likely review your case at this point, as successful participation in these areas is relevant to determining whether you are still considered disabled.

If you do return to work and cannot continue working due to the same, or a related, disability, you are entitled to have your benefits restarted as long as you don’t work for more than 2 years. There is no limit to the number of times you can start or stop benefits, so if you have a disability that only allows you to work for short periods of time, you can continue to receive benefits while you can’t work.

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