Internet Privacy and You


Very rarely in law do we see a judge create a new category of claims–in legal terms it’s historic. But that is just what an Ontario judge has done. He awarded damages to a person whose privacy was violated. The case was about a young woman attending university who was pressured by her ex-boyfriend to …

Sex, Lies, and Videos

Scrolling Social Media On The Mobile

With the explosion of smartphones and tablets everyone is taking photos and videos, posting them online in the blink of an eye. Click to read entire article.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive for my Pain and Suffering?

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If you’ve been injured and plan to sue in Canada, there’s a limit on what you can receive for pain and suffering, or general damages, and it’s probably lower than you think. General damages, also known as ‘non-pecuniary’ damages, refer to a variety of related losses which have historically been difficult to define. These damages are awarded to compensate for physical and mental pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment and expectation of life, and loss of amenities as a result of an injury.

What do you mean I have to show ‘Liability’?

Personal Injury Law

‘Liability’ is just a fancy word for ‘who is at fault’ or ‘who is to blame’. We have a fault-based legal system in Canada. This means that if you are injured in an accident, you have to show it is someone else’s fault before you can be compensated for your injuries and losses.

Canada’s Highest Court

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In Canada, the buck stops at the Supreme Court, if it even gets that far. Though the Court is the last opportunity for appeal and has the final say in all Canadian legal matters, not everyone is guaranteed an audience. The court mostly chooses which cases it wishes to hear (though some are automatically heard), typically approving 40-75 of the 500-600 applications for leave to appeal it receives each year.

The new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan vs. CPP disability claims

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Have you been seeing a lot of Premier Wynne in the newspapers lately? More so than usual? With the 2015 Federal election campaign underway, talk of policy and law abounds (it’s exciting, really!) and the Ontario Liberal’s new pension plan has been hogging the limelight. How does it compare to the CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) and how will it affect any CPP disability claims made in the future?

What are CPP disability benefits?

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Most people know retirement pensions are available, but did you know that the Canada Pension Plan also includes a monthly disability pension? In order to qualify for a disability pension you must be under the age of 65, have made sufficient contributions to the Plan, and have a “severe and prolonged disability”.

Who’s responsible in a dog attack?

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Whether a dog is cute or ferocious depends on your point of view. As a dog owner, it’s hard to believe that anyone could possibly be afraid of such a gentle being. Surely my dog would never hurt anyone. But not everyone sees dogs the same way and behaviour that you understand as friendly or playful may be perceived as aggression by someone who is not so familiar with dogs. And if someone gets hurt because of your dog’s behavior you are going to be held responsible.