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TBI can lead to more than just physical symptoms

TBI can lead to more than just physical symptoms

If you suffered a traumatic brain injury you may be anxious to “get back to normal” as quickly as possible. For some individuals this happens fairly quickly. In other cases however the symptoms can linger long after the incident that caused the injury, dramatically impacting the life of those affected.

Some of the symptoms people who have TBI experience are physical. For example headaches could make it difficult for someone to focus as a result of the pain. While this alone can be difficult to handle, some people suffer psychologically as well. If you are in this situation you should know it that you are not alone. Recently a woman shared her experiences following a TBI.

The woman suffered the brain injury after slipping and falling on ice. Months later she was still dealing with symptoms and new ones even developed. In addition to pain and fatigue, she found herself feeling sad and crying much of the time. She could not handle overstimulation and loud noises in public places and suffered an anxiety attack that left her with little or no emotion or energy.

Overtime she has acquired skills to deal with the symptoms. Though she still experiences periods of intense anxiety she has learned how to face them. Yoga and meditation has helped with this as has therapy.

The psychological impact of a concussion should not be overlooked as it can dramatically affect the life of the person suffering from it making it difficult for them to function and resulting in great expense. When a TBI is the result of another party’s negligence it may make sense to file a personal injury lawsuit. A lawyer can help determine whether a case of this nature has a chance at recovery.

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