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Brain injuries and falls

Brain injuries and falls

While readers are likely aware that people in Canada fall every day, they may not realize how many injuries–such as brain injuries–are suffered as a result. Statistics Canada reports that brain injuries and falls are actually the leading cause of injury in the nation. In Canada each year, more than four million residents are hurt. While older people may be the first demographic that come to mind when one thinks about those who suffer brain injuries following a fall, the reality is it happens to people of all ages.

There are multiple reasons why someone could fall, such as:

  • Moving too quickly
  • Wearing inappropriate footwear
  • Walking while distracted such as when one is busy texting
  • Icy streets and sidewalks
  • Wet floors

The tricky thing about head injuries is that symptoms of the condition may not appear right away. Days following the incident it is possible that symptoms could develop. These symptoms include, but are not limited to headaches, fatigue and dizziness. In some cases they can be debilitating and make it impossible for the injured person to do many of the things he or she previously did.

In cases where the actions of another party cause someone to fall and suffer a head injury, legal action could be appropriate. When a lawsuit of this nature is successful, it could result in financial compensation for the injury. Because following a brain injury people are sometimes out of work for a period of time recovering, and treatments can be expensive, securing a successful result can make things financially easier for those who are hurt.

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