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Staying safe on the roads this winter

Staying safe on the roads this winter

There is no question that car accidents can result in serious injuries–both physical and psychological–to those involved. While there are multiple reasons why accidents occur, the weather is one factor that could play a role. With winter weather right around the corner, now is a good time to review some driving tips that could make driving in Ontario safer this winter.

Some tips involve taking action before getting on the road. For example, being aware of the weather and the conditions of the roads so that you are prepared is a good idea. So too is having a fully-charged cellphone with you along with emergency phone numbers. Being dressed appropriately–in warm clothes for the weather but in apparel that allows you to move freely while driving–can also help to avoid an accident. A survival kit kept in the trunk of your car could come in handy if you get stranded or stuck.

Wind swept winter road with high snow banks.
Photo by Jimmy Brown via CC BY 2.0

Other tips involve the maintenance of your vehicle. Getting winter tires can help with the braking, traction and handling since they do not lose their grip in lower temperatures the way all-season tires do. Keeping a full tank of gas can make the vehicle heavier so that it can’t go as fast and helps to reduce the moisture in the fuel system. Of course, before setting off, the ice and snow should be removed from your car and foggy windows should be allowed to clear.

Once you set off your driving behaviors can prevent car accidents from occurring. Driving the speed that suits the conditions of the road is one of the most important. Because it may take longer to get to a destination it is a good idea to allow extra time. If you encounter a snow plow, stay back a safe distance. Understand how your car responds to a skid so that you know how to handle one should it occur. Last, when roads are slippery, avoid using cruise control.

Should a car accident occur this winter you may have legal options. A personal injury lawyer can help determine if a lawsuit makes sense.

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