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Drunk driving increasing in GTA

Drunk driving increasing in GTA

Car accidents are an all too often occurrence in the province of Ontario. There are multiple reasons why these incidents happen. Sometimes they are the result of vehicle defects. Other times weather is to blame. In many cases, the actions of those behind the wheel play a role. An example of this is when someone consumes too much alcohol before getting behind the wheel to drive.

Accident victim being placed on a backboard by paramedics.
Photo by Pete via CC BY-SA 2.0

According to an officer from the OPP, the number of drivers participating in this activity in the Greater Toronto area is up. Interestingly, throughout the province, the increase is much smaller. While the number of drunk driving arrests in the GTA is up 17 percent, in Ontario as a whole, the increase is only three percent.

This past fall several drunk driving accidents led to the death of those involved. Multiple individuals ages two through sixty-five were killed when either they, or their vehicle, were struck by a vehicle driven by someone who was intoxicated. This is particularly upsetting since accidents of this nature are totally preventable.

When a drunk driver is to blame for injuries or death, the person who was hurt, or his or her family, could seek damages for the injuries or loss via a personal injury lawsuit. While most would agree that money is not a good replacement for health or life, it may make it easier for those who were hurt or left behind to move forward with their lives.

The sooner people in this situation take action the better. A personal injury lawyer can be of assistance.

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