March 11, 2016Filed Under: Car Accidents

Provincial police investigate fatal bicycle crash

Provincial police investigate fatal bicycle crash

A 49-year-old cyclist from Ontario has died as a result of a fatal accident on Governor’s Road. Authorities believe that the victim was struck by a vehicle while traveling eastbound on Governor’s Road near St. George on June 5. The car accident scene was investigated by the Ontario Provincial Police and Technical Traffic Collision Unit.

Media sources published photos of the other vehicle involved in the crash that showed damage to the passenger side of its front windshield. The driver is reported to have stopped immediately after the incident, and his or her demeanour was described as distraught. Several other drivers are believed to have been in the area immediately after the accident, and OPP officers have requested that they come forward and provide any information they may have.

Authorities closed Governor’s Road between Park Road and St. George Road for several hours while the crash scene was investigated. Police say the victim was wearing a helmet and that they do not suspect alcohol or any other form of chemical impairment to have played a role in the incident. Moreover, they say that the crash occurred while there was still daylight, and road conditions were dry.

After a fatal car crash, investigators may be able to use crash reconstruction to piece together information about how the incident occurred and which party, if any, should be held accountable for it. It’s possible that the driver in this particular incident was distracted or generally behaving negligently in some way when the cyclist was struck. If the investigation indicates that this was in fact the case, the driver may be required to provide compensation for any pain and suffering or financial losses the victim’s family have endured as a consequence of his or her actions.

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