Provincial police investigate fatal bicycle crash

riding a bicyle

After a fatal car crash, investigators may be able to use crash reconstruction to piece together information about how the incident occurred and which party, if any, should be held accountable for it. If the investigation indicates that this was in fact the case, the driver may be required to provide compensation for any pain and suffering or financial losses the victim’s family have endured as a consequence of his or her actions.

Biker sent to trauma centre after motorcycle crash

A Patient Getting Treatment After An Accident

An injured motorcycle crash victim may experience lasting repercussions from the accident that will affect their daily life for years to come. If the injuries were serious, medical expenses from a prolonged hospital stay and the time spent off from work may result in a considerable financial strain. To seek compensation for these losses, many victims decide to file a personal injury complaint against the driver at fault. During this process, a lawyer might be able to help an accident victim gather supporting evidence that can be used to strengthen their claim.

Motorcycle rider injured after multi-vehicle automobile crash

police car on the road

The party responsible for a car accident may be liable for any catastrophic injuries suffered by others in the wreck. A lawyer who has experience with car accidents may be able to assess the evidence in a crash and find evidence of fault. On behalf on an injured plaintiff, the lawyer may then bring a lawsuit against the allegedly at-fault party or their insurance company. The lawyer might also try to negotiate a fair settlement that might include compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering and other personal injury damages.