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Post-traumatic stress after a car accident

Post-traumatic stress after a car accident

When people are involved in car accidents in Ontario, the injuries they suffer are not always just physical. Many car accident victims experience feelings of post-traumatic stress that can make it difficult for them to return to their normal routines. Trouble sleeping, anxiety about riding in vehicles and obsessive thoughts about the accident are just a few of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress that car accident victims often experience.

Almost all people involved in car accidents will have some strong feelings after the accident such as shock, anger, guilt and nervousness. It is also common for survivors of a car crash to replay the events of the accident repeatedly in their minds. If these feelings and thoughts grow stronger over time and start to interfere with a person’s ability to live a normal life, the individual might be experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.

A person with post-traumatic stress may feel that fears and anxieties are overwhelming them after an accident. However, it is important for the person not to let these feelings stop them from going about their usual daily activities. Talking about what is going on to other people is also an important step during recovery from post-traumatic stress.

If a person was involved in a car accident that was not their fault, they may be able to seek financial compensation from the liable party by filing a personal injury claim. While building a claim, many car accident victims seek damages that include expenses related to their mental health recovery after the accident. A lawyer may be able to help a car accident victim to claim the full extent of damages that they have incurred because of post-traumatic stress.

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