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For Toronto residents living with back or neck injuries

For Toronto residents living with back or neck injuries

A person’s back and neck may be susceptible to many types of injuries that result from situations like motor vehicle accidents or falls. Sometimes the work people perform involving repetitive motion or significant weight-bearing maneuvers can cause injury from continuous stress on major muscle groups or the spine.

When the back is injured, it can change someone’s life. It can become difficult or impossible to perform daily routines such as taking care of a home and family or doing a job. People with back injuries may have trouble caring for themselves, and an injury could require surgery and rehabilitation.

Common life-altering damages to the back include ruptured or herniated discs and fractures to vertebrae. Spinal cord injuries and subsequent nerve damage could cause mobility issues, and any of these situations might create a need for home healthcare assistance. Family members of someone suffering with a back injury may also face difficulties or changes to their own day-to-day life.

A back or neck injury can lead to chronic pain, and the quality of life may be reduced. If pain and everyday difficulties are ongoing, a person’s psychological health might also be affected. Depression and anxiety could set in and may require the expertise of mental health professionals.

Back and neck injuries are often serious obstacles to overcome for someone who has suffered trauma to these areas of the body. Living with chronic pain can be devastating, but it may be possible for an injured party to seek compensation for damages suffered in an accident. A personal injury lawyer could review the case of someone who has suffered a back or neck injury and advise him or her with regard to a possible legal course of action.

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