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Occupiers’ liability claims

Occupiers’ liability claims

Property owners and landlords in Ontario have a legal obligation to maintain the safety of their premises for others who may be there. When guests on a property are injured, the occupier may be held responsible for those injuries if they were caused by the occupier’s negligence. At our law firm in Toronto, we help people who were injured on another person’s property to recover financial compensation.

If you suffered injuries while visiting a property, we may be able to help you determine whether you have a case for filing an occupiers’ liability claim. We will begin by conducting an investigation to identify what parties are liable for your injuries. Depending on the type of property and where the accident occurred, the responsible party could be the property owner, the tenant, the property manager or a third-party contractor.

In order to be found liable for a person’s injuries, an occupier must have directly contributed to those injuries through its negligent acts or omissions. If you have a case, our experienced lawyers are prepared to help you prove that your injuries were caused by an occupiers’ negligence. To do this, we may show that the people responsible for keeping the premises safe failed to act reasonably to remove a known hazard or inspect the premises for previously undiscovered ones.

Although a person may be aware that their injuries were caused by negligent property maintenance, many people are unaware of the identity of the responsible parties. For instance, if you slip and fall on a broken sidewalk and are injured as a result, it could be the responsibility of a homeowner or the city depending on where the accident happened. You are invited to read our page on hazardous conditions to learn more about these matters.

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