March 11, 2016Filed Under: Brain Injuries

Brain injuries not rare in Ontario

Brain injuries not rare in Ontario

While the most common cause of brain injuries is motor vehicle accidents at 45 percent, workplace injuries, sports injuries and medical injuries can also result in trauma to the brain. Because the brain controls the entire body and consciousness, any trauma can result in problems with the person’s movement, ability to communicate, ability to process information and even emotional stability.

Not only do brain injuries affect the person who suffered the trauma, but also their families. If the injured person’s family members relied on the individual for financial support, a loss of memory or impaired mobility may make it difficult for the family to do well financially. Additionally, if the injured person suffered damage that affected his or her ability to remember certain actions, the person may require supervision to ensure that he or she does not do such things as leave a stove on. In some cases, a brain injury could leave the injured person completely dependent upon a family member or a caregiver.

If it was determined that another person’s careless or negligent actions resulted in the brain injury, the injured person or a representative for the injured person might file a personal injury lawsuit. Because the effects of brain injuries can be expensive, the lawsuit could allow the injured person to seek compensation for damages, which can include medical costs.

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