March 11, 2016Filed Under: Brain Injuries

Overview of brain injuries

Overview of brain injuries

A brain injury victim might not be able to remember lifelong friends or might forget doing certain tasks. Physical challenges, such as paralysis or loss of speech, could also accompany the brain injury. They might suffer sensory loss of vision, hearing or smell. The victim might need to depend on someone else for personal care. Some other complications include headaches, memory loss, struggles with reasoning and a bend toward one-track thinking.

A brain injury victim also suffers from the serious emotional impact of the injury itself. In addition to any possible cognitive aftereffects, the victim can battle frustrations as he or she tries to adapt to a new personality, which can lead to depression.

Thousands of people in the nation suffer traumatic brain injuries annually; most of these are young adults. While their life expectancy might not change, they could require special medical treatment. The numbers appear to be increasing, and men are at twice the risk of suffering brain injuries as women.

When someone else is liable for an accident that results in a devastating brain injury, the victim might consider holding that person responsible. A personal injury lawsuit is a possible approach, which might allow the victim to recover any expenses that directly resulted from the injury.

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