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The new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan vs. CPP disability claims

The new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan vs. CPP disability claims

Have you been seeing a lot of Premier Wynne in the newspapers lately? More so than usual? With the 2015 Federal election campaign underway, talk of policy and law abounds (it’s exciting, really!) and the Ontario Liberal’s new pension plan has been hogging the limelight. How does it compare to the CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) and how will it affect any CPP disability claims made in the future?

The CPP provides pensions and benefits to retired Canadians as well as disability and after death benefits. These payouts are funded by all working Canadians, who contribute to the CPP throughout their working days. Ever wonder why “CPP” deductions are made from your paycheque? It goes to fund these benefits.

Kathleen Wynne with Toronto mayor John Tory.
Photo by Alex Guibord via CC BY-ND 2.0

If you’ve been injured and can’t work regularly because of a disability, you may be eligible to collect monthly CPP benefits. You must first prove that you’ve paid into the CPP fund for at least the minimum period and prove that your injuries are severe and prolonged. As you can see, it’s a complicated process that is likely made more difficult by the fact that you’re not completely healthy. As well, we can help you appeal if your disability application has been denied.

The Liberal’s proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) isn’t official yet and many specific details haven’t been finalized. It’s been making the headlines for various political reasons, but its main focus is to provide additional retirement benefits. As it stands now, the ORPP wouldn’t provide disability benefits and therefore wouldn’t affect CPP disability benefits.

Our lawyers specialize in appealing CPP disability claims that have been denied. If you’ve been injured or are ill and your application for CPP disability benefits has been denied, call us for a free consultation at 416-533-7133.

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