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For spinal injury victims ‘walking’ could improve mental health

For spinal injury victims ‘walking’ could improve mental health

Following a spinal injury that results in paralysis, there are many things the person who has experienced the injury will be concerned about. For many it is about walking again one day. Depending on the severity of the injury, the odds of that occurring will vary. For some people robotic technology could make a difference.

A neurological rehabilitation centre located in Toronto, called Aim2Walk, provides treatment utilizing that technology. To try to get individuals who come to them to the point where they walk on their own, the rehab centre’s approach combines the used of skillful therapists with advanced robotic technology.

One woman who severed her spinal cord in a gymnastics accident is currently undergoing the therapy. She uses a device called the Lokomat three times a week. The device’s robotic legs enable her to walk. The woman’s goal is to stay in good physical shape so that when science makes it possible for her to walk again without assistance she will be ready for it.

The co-founder of the rehabilitation centre indicated the woman’s blood flow circulation, bone strength and flexibility are being aided. He also said she is benefiting cognitively and emotionally. The woman indicated the therapy is vital to her happiness.

The mental health of someone who suffers a serious spinal injury should not be overlooked. Physical healing is only part of the recovery. In fact, in some cases the incident that caused the injury could cause the injured individual to suffer post traumatic stress disorder. This could greatly impact the life of the person who was injured making it impossible to do things that would otherwise be possible to do, despite their physical condition.

Serious injuries that are the result of negligence on the part of another could cause great expense to the injured individuals, monetarily as well as physically and emotionally. A personal injury lawyer can help determine whether legal action could result in recovering damages.

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