Internet Privacy and You


Very rarely in law do we see a judge create a new category of claims–in legal terms it’s historic. But that is just what an Ontario judge has done. He awarded damages to a person whose privacy was violated. The case was about a young woman attending university who was pressured by her ex-boyfriend to …

Why do auto insurance laws keep changing?

On June 1st another big change is coming to automobile insurance in Ontario. You can read more about it here, but the reality is that it's better for insurance companies and worse for regular citizens. It's the fifth or sixth major change I've seen since I started practising, which is a lot in the slow ...

The Size of the Claim Doesn’t Matter


The other day a client came into my office after being in a car accident. She wasn’t sure if we could help her because she thought that we only take on big cases, not small ones. I was surprised to hear this because it’s simply not true. We take on both big and small cases. …

Judicial Bias

A Shadow of Person who is Walking on The Road nearby Stairs.

Robin Camp has found himself in a spot of trouble. The Albertan judge’s own Court of appeal found that he made inappropriate comments revealing a misunderstanding of Canadian sexual consent law. This happened when Camp was a provincial Court Judge ruling on a criminal trial. The long and short of it is that Justice Camp basically blamed the victim.

Holiday Drinking

Holiday Drinking

The holidays are a time to relax with family and friends, though it often brings overeating and overdrinking. The police and their RIDE program patrol the roads, but they can’t catch everybody. There are accidents, sometimes deadly, when someone gets behind the wheel intoxicated. There are also accidents when pedestrians attempt to walk the road while drunk. Who’s responsible when something happens?