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The Size of the Claim Doesn’t Matter

The Size of the Claim Doesn’t Matter

The other day a client came into my office after being in a car accident. She wasn’t sure if we could help her because she thought that we only take on big cases, not small ones. I was surprised to hear this because it’s simply not true.

We take on both big and small cases. Last year we settled a claim for over $3.5 million. This is extremely difficult to do and not every lawyer can achieve such a good result. Last month we also resolved a claim for $10,000.00– a “small” case. The size of the claim doesn’t matter. If there’s a good, legitimate case, we’ll take it on.

Personal injury lawyer, Antonio Azevedo sitting at his desk.

When I first starting practising law, people were hesitant to come to me if they had a big claim. They didn’t know me yet, and were unsure if I could handle a serious case. I remember dreaming of bigger opportunities when I was handling small files. And now I’m here, a few decades later, reminding you that we take on small work too! Funny how it can change like that. The community has gotten to know me and my staff, and they know what we can do.

We‘ve had success over the years because we work hard. In fact, sometime this year we will open our 10,000th client file. But I have to admit that I certainly cannot take all, or even most, of the credit for that success. We have a small law firm – 14 staff and lawyers – and I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that the entire team at Azevedo and Nelson does very good work. I am honoured to work with these people and I wouldn’t have any hesitation in having anyone on the team handle important cases.

And yes we do smaller claims.


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