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Symptoms that accompany a brain injury can be debilitating

Symptoms that accompany a brain injury can be debilitating

Just because someone looks healthy–without any obvious external injuries–does not mean that they are. Individuals who have suffered a brain injury, as well as their loved ones, know this all too well. The injury can reveal itself in a wide variety of symptoms that may disappear before too long, or might last for months, or even years on end. The symptoms can be physical, cognitive and emotional.

Physical symptoms include the loss of hearing, vision, and paralysis of limbs. Some people might also experience a speech impairment or seizures.

Cognitive issues those who have suffered a brain injury might experience include impaired reasoning and memory loss.

Emotionally, someone who is recovering from a brain injury could have issues with frustration. In addition, they might experience difficulties controlling themselves.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms it is possible that the person experiencing them could find that they have difficulty functioning in society and need assistance to complete seemingly simple tasks. The expense tied to paying someone to assist with these matters can be great.

Because of the great expense, when a brain injury is suffered in an accident that is the fault of another, those who find themselves in this situation may decide to seek compensation via a personal injury lawsuit. These lawsuits can be complicated and are usually time sensitive. For these reasons, whether the injury occurs in a slip-and-fall accident, a workplace accident or a motor vehicle accident, the sooner one contacts a lawyer for assistance in the claim, the better.

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