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Reducing severity of injuries to children in car accidents

Reducing severity of injuries to children in car accidents

In an earlier post we wrote about the devastation some Ontario parents are experiencing after a serious car accident claimed the lives of their children. While there is nothing to indicate that the children were not properly restrained in that crash, the tragic loss serves as a reminder to all about how important it is to take safety precautions while using an automobile.

According to Transport Canada, in many cases child safety restraints are not being used correctly. It found that upwards of 80 percent of the kids who are restrained in booster or child seats are not being secured properly. The failure to properly install and secure children in seats, as the maker of the seats intended, could lead to serious injuries, or even death. To try to keep these incidents to a minimum the province of Ontario has created laws regarding which type of seat should be used and by whom.

While children age nine and older or who are taller than 145 centimetres, do not need to use a special seat, younger and shorter individuals do. Specifically, kids who are between 18 and 36 kilograms have to use a booster seat. Forward-facing seats are required for those between nine and 19 kilograms. Those who are less than nine kilograms need to use a rear-facing seat.

Using child safety seats for children will not prevent accidents from occurring but they might reduce the severity of injuries suffered. When children or adults are harmed in motor vehicle crashes that are the result of someone’s negligence, a personal injury lawsuit may be appropriate. A lawyer who handles cases of this nature can help determine if filing one makes sense.

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