March 11, 2016Filed Under: Car Accidents

Police chase ends in head-on collision, 6 hospitalised

Police chase ends in head-on collision, 6 hospitalised

The Ontario Special Investigations Unit is not involved in investigating a crash in front of the Supreme Court of Canada, which sent six people to the hospital on June 29 after a police chase. The head-on collision between the car under pursuit and a police vehicle happened around 3:30 p.m. Royal Canadian Mounted Police believe that the vehicle was stolen.

Due to the crash, Ottawa police closed Wellington Street between Lyon Street and Bank Street so that RCMP could conduct an investigation. There were six people, believed to be in their 20s, inside the suspected stolen vehicle. The driver refused to receive hospital treatment but was assessed at the scene. The person was then taken into custody, but no potential charges were immediately listed.

Amongst the five others in the vehicle, four suffered minor injuries. A 20-year-old passenger suffered an injury to her head believed to be life threatening. The 47-year-old male officer in the police vehicle suffered minor injuries. These six people were taken to hospitals for treatment.

There is a risk of serious injury in many types of car accidents, especially head-on collisions since the speeds of the involved vehicles are combined. When people are injured in crashes, they may be entitled to compensation to help pay for the damages, including pain and suffering.

Some other damages that the compensation may cover are lost income and out-of-pocket expenses that insurance policies do not cover. In addition to these benefits, victims who are seriously injured in car accidents may receive compensation to pay for replacement of future income and any necessary modifications to their homes and vehicles.

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