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Offering sound legal assistance with your slip-and-fall claim

Offering sound legal assistance with your slip-and-fall claim

Serving clients in and throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we have the knowledge and experience in successfully handling cases involving slip and fall incidents. We understand the serious physical damage that can result whenever an individual experiences an accident directly because of a negligent property owner who failed to clear a walkway of snow or ice or whose property was poorly constructed.

By law, property owners in Ontario are required to make sure their property is well-maintained and repaired at all times, as outlined in the building codes. Property owners, whether they possess public or private property, are required to keep snow, ice and water off any walkways and make sure all stairs and floors are free from any defects or damage. Moreover, property owners must prevent their property from flooding and leaking.

Our law firm assists individuals who have had slip-and-fall incidents in which they did not actually slip or fall but who were injured by falling heavy pieces of furniture or other items that were incorrectly stored. A slip-and-fall accident has the potential of causing many injuries, especially strains, sprains and broken bones. With some victims, the healing process can be lengthy, due to neck, back and joint damage. Others who injured their head in the fall may require more medical attention during the recovery period.

If you’ve recently experienced a slip and fall accident on private or business property or property owned by the City of Toronto, we may be able to help you pursue reparation for your losses. However, it is important to understand that your claim should be filed as soon as possible following your accident, since the evidence, such as an icy sidewalk, may not be able to be proven after a lapse of time. If you would like more information about our law firm and how we might assist you, please visit our page on slip-and-fall accidents.

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