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Keep children safe in their car seats this winter

Keep children safe in their car seats this winter

While it is of course important to take steps to keep all occupants of vehicles safe in case a crash should occur, it is particularly vital to make sure young children, who cannot take safety precautions themselves, are properly secured. The first step in ensuring this is to make sure the proper child safety seat is being used for their age and size. In addition, the seat should be properly situated. When a child is very small, the seat should be placed backward.

In the winter, there are additional things parents and caregivers of young children should consider. Specifically, they should be aware of the dangers winter jackets can pose when using a car seat. The problem is the outerwear, which is often puffy, can make the seat’s straps too loose, preventing the seat from doing its job should a crash occur.

Child being tested in a car seat by his mother.
Andrew Seaman via CC BY-ND 2.0

In the event of a crash, when the padding in jackets and other winter wear compresses, slack in the straps could be exposed. The loose straps could allow a child to be ejected from the seat. When this happens, devastating injuries are often the end result.

The outcome could be the same if a blanket is placed between the child and the harness straps. Bulky winter clothing could also prevent harness straps from staying positioned as intended, on the shoulders.

A better alternative to keep children in car seats safe during the winter is to first position the child in the seat and then place a blanket over them to keep them warm. Another workaround is to dress a child in thin, warm layers, topped with a fleece top layer.

Even if these precautions are taken, it is possible that a child involved in a crash could still suffer injuries. When an accident is due to the negligent actions of another, it may be possible to recoup damages via a personal injury lawsuit.

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