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Is gridlock leading to more dangerous roads in Toronto?

Is gridlock leading to more dangerous roads in Toronto?

There are many factors that contribute to accidents occurring on roads in the Greater Toronto Area. Toronto Police’s Traffic Service unit believes driver frustration related to congestion and gridlock is at least, in part, to blame. It believes more traffic on the roads prompts drivers to engage in certain behaviours that are dangerous and also against the law.

Gridlock of taxis on a downtown Toronto street.
Joiseyshowaa via CC BY-SA 2.0

The congestion is the result of multiple variables including more drivers on area roads and an increase in the construction necessary to maintain the roads that are supporting more traffic.

In support of this theory Traffic Services points to the three most ticketed moving violation offences in the city—distracted driving, disobeying a sign and speeding. Though not always the case, people may engage in these behaviours in an effort to make up time they believe they are losing as a result of the congestion. According to a Toronto Police Constable, drivers failing to follow the rules of the road actually further contribute to the problem.

In addition to causing additional slowdowns, distracted driving, disobeying signs and speeding could also cause motor vehicle accidents that result in serious injuries or even death. As compared to this time last year, six more people have died in accidents on Toronto roads.

People who are injured or lose loved ones in car accidents caused by negligence on the part of another may be able to take legal action to secure compensation for their injuries or loss. This is true even if the injuries are psychological and linger in the form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A personal injury lawyer can be of assistance in determining the best course of action.

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