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Injuries due to falls on icy sidewalks could lead to lawsuit

Injuries due to falls on icy sidewalks could lead to lawsuit

While residents of the province of Ontario could suffer injuries in a fall at any time during the year, winter weather increases the odds of this happening. The accumulation of ice and snow can make icy sidewalks that are generally relatively safe, extremely dangerous. Accordingly, pedestrians should be aware of precautions that could reduce the risk of a fall occurring.

One orthopaedic surgeon offers three tips for avoiding a fall on in icy conditions.

The first tip is to be aware that patches of ice can be anywhere and may not be easy to see. Accordingly, it is advisable to look for ice while walking on exterior staircases, or when exiting vehicles.

Icy city stairs covered with snow and potential for injury and lawsuit.
Chad Kainz via CC BY 2.0

Next, take care when walking on inclines. Rather than walking as you normally do, it is better to turn sideways and bend your knees. Step to the side with the lead leg and then bring the other foot up to meet it.

Changing the way you walk could be beneficial when walking on flat surfaces that are icy, as well. Take small steps or shuffle forward. Here again, to help with maintaining balance, it is beneficial to slightly bend your knees.

Of course, even when one follows these tips it is possible a fall could still occur. If a fall results in injuries and is due to the property owner or occupier’s failure to properly clear snow and ice that has accumulated, it may be possible to take legal action.

There are multiple things that need to be proven to be successful in a case of this nature. Because it can be complex, when pursuing an occupier’s liability lawsuit, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a lawyer who has a thorough understanding of how these cases work.

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