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How do trips and falls occur?

How do trips and falls occur?

According to statistics from the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada, 17 percent of work-related time-loss injuries involved fall accidents. In such circumstances, someone else could be held liable for damages associated with the incident.

Property owners, store managers and other occupiers who maintain residential or commercial properties are responsible by law to protect people from dangerous conditions that could result in an injury associated with a trip or slip. However, about two-thirds of all falls that people experience happen when they trip or slip, and one-third are due to falling from an elevated area, such as a roof, a ladder or a stairwell, according to one report.

A trip is distinctly different from a slip in various ways. Trips are generally caused by an object that causes a person to lose his or her balance. Some variables that might contribute to trip accidents include a darkly lit room, uneven flooring, an open filing cabinet drawer, objects lying around, blocked views, carpet ripples and unsecured extension cords.

A slip takes place when an individual loses his or her footing due to poor surface conditions. Increment weather, a variable amount of traction in the surface of floors, unfastened mats and throw rugs, water spills, and the presence of an oily substance and oil are causes that can contribute to a slip.

Under certain circumstances, a person who is injured in a fall due to negligent property maintenance may be able to pursue compensation for damages by filing a claim. Furthermore, in some cases, people who were injured by a falling object such as a piece of heavy furniture or shelf that was not properly secured may be eligible to file the claim. Those who suffer damages in such incidents might discuss the possibility of a lawsuit with a personal injury lawyer.

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