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Fight for your right to disability benefits

Fight for your right to disability benefits

A spinal cord injury is one of the most life-altering and damaging injuries that one can suffer. Such injuries are not limited to the physical restrictions that may be either temporary or permanent; the limited mobility from spinal cord injuries can be the source of psychological difficulties that include the following:

— Depression

— Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

— Anxiety

These types of damages can be difficult to substantiate medically and quantify monetarily. Having to fight tooth and nail with one’s own insurance company for them to honour their terms is demoralizing and can wreak financial havoc.

According to the Canada Pension Plan, in order for citizens to receive disability benefits, their disabilities must be simultaneously:

— Severe, regularly impeding them from being able to labour at any jobs on a consistent basis due to either mental or physical limitations, and;

— Prolonged, as in a protracted condition of indeterminate length, or one that is potentially terminal.

Because of the stringent requirements of the CPP program, all will not qualify. This makes it even more vital for private insurers to be forced to pony up financial benefits to struggling individuals who are disabled.

Our attorneys stand ready to fight for our clients’ rights for the benefits they deserve. The first step is a close scrutiny of any contracts that define the terms of disability benefits or injuries to claimants. Some claims are arbitrarily denied or dismissed because of a misguided perception that the individual is not suffering as much as they claim to be. Our legal professionals can help substantiate our clients’ claims by submitting medical records and presenting supportive testimonies. We abide by all time constraints to avoid proscription.

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