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Drones pose a new risk to drivers on Ontario roads

Drones pose a new risk to drivers on Ontario roads

Though driving is a common way for people throughout the Province of Ontario to get around, it can also be dangerous. When accidents occur, the outcome can be devastating, resulting not only in property damage, but injury to passengers in the vehicles involved. In the worst cases the injuries may be so serious that they result in death.

Image of a red and white drone in flight.
Photo by Björn via CC BY 2.0

To try to be safe on the roads there are many things drivers need to be aware of. In addition to their speed, they also need to pay attention to their surroundings, including other vehicles. A recent crash in Ontario brings to light another thing drivers should be looking out for drones.

Late last month an accident occurred when a drone that had been flying through the air, collided with a vehicle as it traveled down the road. The drone crashed into the grill of the car, causing property damage. Though in this particular situation no one was hurt, with the growing popularity of these machines, it is easy to see how that could happen.

Depending on the severity of the injuries suffered in a car accident it is possible the life of the injured party could be changed forever. Among other things, it could result in expenses that previously did not exist, pain and suffering and emotional hardship. When the negligence of another party leads to a crash that causes injuries, the injured individuals could seek compensation via a personal injury lawsuit. The first step toward this recovery is to contact a lawyer who handles these types of cases.

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