Why do auto insurance laws keep changing?

On June 1st another big change is coming to automobile insurance in Ontario. You can read more about it here, but the reality is that it's better for insurance companies and worse for regular citizens. It's the fifth or sixth major change I've seen since I started practising, which is a lot in the slow ...

What to do if you’re Hurt on a City Sidewalk


If you’ve suffered an injury on a city sidewalk or road and plan to sue, you only have ten days to act in Ontario. Surprised? Probably, but ignorance of the law is no excuse. There is an exception (more on that later), but if you’re hurt from tripping on uneven pavement or slipping on an icy sidewalk, and plan to sue the city, you have only ten days to give the municipality notice, and in the manner prescribed by law.

New Law Increases Car Accident Deductible

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Thanks to a new law, settlements awarded after August 1, 2015 for car accident injuries now stand to receive less money for pain and suffering damages if the amount they’re entitled to is below $121,799.

Have you been Injured while on Vacation?

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The perfect getaway can become a legal nightmare if you are injured, and injuries frequently occur during vacations. You could be injured road-tripping through New York, zip lining in Costa Rica, or caving in Mexico. You’ll likely return home after the accident and see doctors and therapists in Ontario, miss time from work in Ontario, and incur medical and other expenses here. Naturally you’ll turn to an Ontario lawyer for help, but can you sue in Ontario?