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Brain Injury: Looking beyond the physical damage

Brain Injury: Looking beyond the physical damage

For instance, someone could suffer a serious blow to the head during a car accident or sports and appear to be just fine. Yet, at some point in the near or even far future, he or she begins to exhibit significant changes in behavior. This is because brain injuries are complex and often only affect one part of the brain.

Some of the most common signs of a brain injury despite a lack of physical symptoms include:

— Physical or verbal outbursts– Unusual risky behaviors– Anxiety or depression– Impulsive behaviors– Poor judgment– Severe or chronic head pain– Difficulty performing ordinary tasks

Because some brain injuries do not carry any physical signs, it is important to seek medical attention following severe head trauma. Even if the victim appears uninjured or claims he or she is okay, there is a chance psychological damage has occurred. Not only will this help identify any underlying damage, it will also help if the victim needs to file a lawsuit in the future.

No one disputes the physical damage brain injury causes, but often, the psychological damage can be just as devastating. It is in your best interests to contact an attorney if you or someone you know appears to have suffered a traumatic brain injury in Toronto, Canada, area.

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