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3 lawsuits against water park for negligence

3 lawsuits against water park for negligence

On June 30, a 20-year-old woman reported that she was on a water ride on July 28, 2012, but at the end, there was not enough water. She stated that instead of slowing down, the bobsled-like carrier that she was in hydroplaned across the landing pool’s surface and struck the edge. She was ejected from the raft onto a nearby concrete pool deck. The lawsuit further claims that no one gave the rider any instructions when the ride started and that she was operating the ride correctly. A similar incident had happened just hours before, but the ride was not closed. Her lawsuit is for $1.75 million.

A third lawsuit, filed on June 6, claimed that a family endured physical and verbal abuse at the water park on July 3, 2013. Details surrounding this incident were not available, but five other park visitors were also named in the lawsuit. The amount of compensation requested was not disclosed.

When someone is injured at a water or amusement park, he or she might want to hold the facility liable for the injuries by alleging negligence. A personal injury lawyer might help a client determine the proper amount of compensation to request based on the severity of the injury.

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