March 11, 2016Filed Under: Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

1 Ontario man dead after being hit while changing tire

1 Ontario man dead after being hit while changing tire

A 48-year-old Ontario man died on March 6 after he was struck while changing tire on his vehicle on Highway 400 near Highway 401. The accident happened around 3 a.m., and the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to police, the man took precautions that included pulling the car all the way over onto the shoulder and putting on his hazard lights. However, a vehicle that went off the road and onto the shoulder hit him.

The driver of that vehicle had minor injuries and was treated for at hospital. Police cautioned that drivers who have a flat tire should pull as far off the road as possible or should call 911 and sit in their cars until help arrived.

When an individual is killed in a car accident like this one, the family of the deceased individual may want to file a lawsuit against the driver apparently caused the crash. It may be necessary to prove negligence, and in a case like this one, a driver may swerve onto the shoulder due to any number of negligent actions including driving under the influence, speeding or driving while distracted.

In addition to the emotional impact of an individual’s death, a family may suffer a financial burden as well. For example, the individual may have had dependents. The loss of the victim’s financial support might result in an unnecessary and unexpected economic burden on those dependents, and that information might play a role in the outcome of a personal injury lawsuit.

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